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This is a personal, tailored workout experience. You divulge your goals, health-hopes-and-dreams and together we make them a reality. Once, twice, three times a week. It's all up to you.

Partners/Small Group:

Want to make eyes at your significant other? Size up your best friend? Impress your relatives? Sometimes an audience can be the best motivation.



Group Fit:

Occasionally it's nice to sweat in anonymity. Want me to come to your workplace? Take a few minutes on your lunch break or during that 3pm slump to reinvigorate yourself for the rest of the day.


Wish you could train but live too far away? Don't have time to meet at the gym? Lucky for you, it's 2015. Minimal equipment, an internet connection and some square footage means we can make it happen.

[Available in single-sessions and packages. Contact for pricing and availability.]


Ready When You Are. 


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