"Victory of the day: Fit into a dress I haven’t worn in years!"

-Erin R.

“I have been to many personal trainers over the years, and Maggie is, hands down, the greatest and the bestest. I've been working with her for almost a year now, very off and on because I had a medical issue that prevented me from exercising for several months. She is extraordinary not only because she's committed to my health -- sending me emails and texts of helpful ideas, new ideas about healthy eating, rehabilitative stuff to do at home -- and not only because she listens and goes at my pace (especially considering my health stuff), coming up with new and interesting stuff to do every time I see her, but also because she is a genuinely kind and caring person. She's been a dancer most of her life... as well as being a personal trainer, so she understands the mechanics of the body far above and beyond what can be learned in school for personal training. She is patient and funny, kind and silly, and she makes me -- a lifelong exercise hater -- actually look forward to it. I was hesitant and intimidated to work with a personal trainer again because I have had some really awful experiences, as well as some just so-so experiences -- and the gym, honestly, isn't a place I feel at home. With Maggie I have nothing to fear and only benefit to gain! She may have converted me to *want* to be athletic!”

-Sara C. 

"Maggie is knowledgeable, reliable, and always cheerful for my training sessions. She knows endless ways to go after the muscles groups I want to target. Even after working with her for a year, I'm continually impressed at the variety of workouts we do. She takes a no-nonsense approach, but still makes it a fun, upbeat, and encouraging experience! She listens carefully to my own personal goals and checks in with me about them periodically. She also challenges me to keep reaching for my personal best, which is awesome!"  

-Heather D.

“Maggie is AWESOME.  I have been training with her 2 times a week for over a year now.  I originally was only going to train for about 3 months because that was all I thought I could afford. When 3 months was up, however, there was no way I wanted to stop, and decided I would make it fit into my budget.  It is money well spent.  I have lost weight, toned up, quit smoking, and gained a new friend who goes above and beyond what I would ever expect of a personal trainer.  When I started having hip problems and was limited to upper body workouts only, this didn't stop her from making the workouts interesting and challenging.  She is always on time, prepared, and willing. Plus, her own amazing body is a huge motivating factor!  When I first started training with Maggie, I rarely wore sleeveless tops because I was so unhappy with the way my arms looked. Now I don't even think twice about wearing them.  I'm not trying to say that I have Madonna's arms or anything, but they are more toned, and most importantly, my self esteem and self image have improved with Maggie's diet and exercise instruction.”  

-Christine C. 

“Maggie helped reshape my body over 6 months; that is saying something as I'm a "primetime woman" who hates working out with a passion!  She makes working out fun even as she is kicking your a** into shape.  Most importantly, with Maggie you get a workout that focuses on improving the 3 things that matter:  how your body functions, strength, and balance.”

-Marcia K.

“I have been training with Maggie for over a year now, and it has been a terrific experience. She is everything one could hope for in a personal trainer -- dedicated, professional, and always encouraging. When we started working together, I was pretty out of shape and not always motivated. Maggie's enthusiasm, and her carefully tailored workout routines, were a big help towards overcoming my initial lack of discipline, to the point that I now look forward to our sessions together. With her help I have made a lot of progress over the past twelve months - I am a lot fitter than I used to be, feel much better, and approach life with much more energy and enthusiasm. My training sessions with Maggie are one of the best investments I've ever made. I recommend her highly.”

-David G.

“I tried working out on my own a handful of times during my early twenties. The passion usually only lasts about 1-2 months and I seem to always find something more important to do than going to a gym.  I didn’t think I needed to exercise because I’m not over weight. Then last year I threw out my back from bending over to pull on my skinny jeans and I realized that I don’t have any muscle mass to support my bones.  When I first started to work out with Maggie, I told her about my weak back, and how I was worried that I will become bulky from working out.  I didn’t have a lot of strength to do normal exercises because I hadn’t worked out for over 10 years. She was very gentle with me in the beginning: she is not the kind of trainer that works people so hard that they throw up. I see that on TV, and it’s traumatizing to me. After 2 months of training 2-3 times a week, Maggie had transformed my body. Just looking at her physique has inspired me to treat my body better. She taught me how to eat healthier and I no longer have eating issues.  I ask Maggie to work me harder if I’ve been eating more than usual. I no longer need Spanks to help tuck my fat into dresses. Clothes fit better on me now.  I am a lot stronger than I used to be. Besides being physically toned, I feel great mentally. I’ve been training with Maggie for a year and half, and this is the longest I've consistently worked out. I realize that this is not a quick fix, it’s a life style. The result and joy that I get from training with Maggie is worth a lot more than eating that piece of cake or buying a dress that I have to wear Spanks to fit in.” 

-Jessica L.



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