There's nothing worse than a low down, dirty sneak. (Unless you're into that sort of thing, but I'm not judging.) Forget your ex. SUGAR is not only bad for you, it can down right ruin your life. This surreptitious sweetie has a way of slithering back into your arms, whether you like it or not. But once you know what it's been up to, maybe you can finally put your pretty, pedicured foot down, and give it the ol' finger waggle. 

According to Appetite for Health, here are some of the biggest sugar-laden creepers on the block:

Barbecue Sauce & Ketchup, commercial coffee drinks, "sport" drinks, flavored yogurt, and pasta sauce.

And if you read this blog on the regular, I bet you can name at least one reason other than sugar to stay away from all of the above. Come on, make me proud. 

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